Discover your female identity in Christ

Your identity is who you are – and what makes you unique.
It is the very substance from which your life originates.

It clearly identifies the part within you, which defines you as a woman.

And as you get to know yourself you are more aware of what it is you want in life. What it is you need of yourself, others and God. And what it is you are able to give at different stages of life. And by doing so you will discover: 
as you are yourself the world around you is going to benefit from you. 
Because you are living the life God had in mind for you when He created you.

And you are going to discover how much you are loved by Jesus.
How much more you are accepted and strengthened by Him.
How much He values your existence and your life.

My offer to you


As your personal mentor I am offering to have a look at your current life processes with you. To analyse, prioritise and work through them with you.

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These are seminars for small groups. These seminars are designed to help you grow within your identity as a woman and strengthen your faith in Christ.

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Spiritual Guidance

I will accompany you on your spiritual journey, and together we can read, pray and learn from the Bible.  We can discuss who God is, and the relevance of Jesus in history as well as in your own life.
And as you grow closer to Him, your life is going to change.

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A mentor is someone who helps you to talk through questions and circumstances of your life. It is someone who helps you to analyse and prioritise the details. It is a person who brings a bit of wisdom as they may have experienced similar situations themselves before you.
Over a certain period of time a mentor will walk alongside you and support your personal development in the areas that you feel are important to you.
As your personal mentor I will look at your current life processes with you. In person, over the phone or via Skype.


Seminars are a great opportunity to look at a certain topic in more detail within a group setting. I will give you tools to review thought processes that have previously complicated your life. We will take a look at your current beliefs – about yourself, your identity as a woman or role of your faith and who Christ is.
Duration and Location are flexible and tailored to the group’s needs – whether you require an afternoon, a whole day or a weekend; at your church, your community centre or at your home.  I recommend a group size of 4-10 participants.
If you are interested in one of my seminars please contact me.

For the female identity

„The world of my emotions“ – an introduction into our basic emotions, their role and importance for our lives

„The desires and needs of a woman“ – giving an understanding of who we are and why we feel and act the way we sometimes do

„Enjoying life in relationship with others“ – understanding the essence and dynamics of my various relationships (part I)
understanding my relationships and Jesus’ role amidst them (part II)

„Why are my tears so important?“ – understanding our tears and where they are coming from

„Learning to forgive“ – letting go of those who hurt you is not easy. Let us learn together.

„Boundaries – why can’t I set them the way I want?“ – Boundaries are precious and belong to your personality. At first we will learn to understand their importance and how to set them. After that we will practise a bit.


„I am being bullied at work – what can I do?“

„Time management – how come I am working so hard and not saving any time?“

Meeting Jesus

„What exactly is the grace of God and how do I apply it to my life?“

„Where does my obedience fit – under God’s commands or God’s grace?“  – understanding God’s laws and His Grace. Their roles and rewards

„The Resurrection of Jesus Christ – truth or myth“ – Answers to the fundamental inner question: how can I be really sure that Jesus rose from the dead?

„Why your God?“ – Taking a look at the role of science and other religions

Spiritual Guidance

The desire to experience a close relationship with God in our stressful lives is a big desire in many women’s hearts. But how? And when?
If this desire is not met usually the inner faith spirals downwards.  Often this is compounded by the expectation to always ‚do the right thing‘, which can lead to a crisis of faith questioning the existence or interest of God in our lives.

This is where our core beliefs and notions of God come into play.
There is hope: the desire of a fulfilling relationship with God can be met. A crisis can be worked through and teach invaluable lessons. Perceptions can be changed or replaced. Because Jesus stays with you – no matter where you are at. Because He loves you and wants to meet you, especially when you feel lost.

If you are looking for spiritual guidance we can meet Jesus together, dive into His Word for you and pray together.
Near Jesus things start to change.
Spiritual guidance can take place one-to-one or in small groups of up to 3 people.

Women Share

Anke, 39

„Attending the seminar „Meeting Jesus“ was such a revelation to me. While acting out a story from the Bible I realised that Jesus wants to be part of my everyday life. And as my days are so busy – I am self-employed, a wife and a mother to 3 boys. Realising this is like an oasis for me. Thanks!

Anke, 39beautician & pedicurist
Sandra, 31

„I had a mentoring with Dana over the phone about leadership principles once a week, and inevitably we discussed how my personality effects my leadership.
I recognised how I saw myself, how God actually sees me, and that his wonderful thoughts about my life are true.

This is an experience I can only wish for every woman. “

Sandra, 31administrator, wife and mother of 2 children
Dana W., 26

„Dana’s Mentoring is helping me to take myself more seriously than I have ever before. I am learning to see that I am just as important as others. Also I am realising the difference it makes to me to call things by their names -without sugar-coating them.“

Dana W., 26Student
Nadine, 31

„Through Dana‘s Mentoring I have learned what it meant to become aware of and also be true to myself – who I am and who I am not. We have not only discussed my leadership role in church, but also my identity as a daughter, friend, colleague and woman.“

Nadine, 31occupational therapist
Karin, 58

„Something changed when I attended Dana‘s the seminar „Enjoying Life in relationships with others“. I came to realise that I have a choice within my relationships with others and I am allowed to decide who does affect me, which helped enormously to deal with rejection of people at work. I found new freedom and composure and it saves a lot of energy!“

Karin, 58wife, 2 kids, nursery school teacher
Ilona, 65

To this day I am impressed and deeply touched by the seminar „The world of my emotions“ because it has changed the way I look at myself and at my soul. This influences the way I interact with others, and was extremely liberating, because I am allowed to feel weak from time to time. More and more I am trying to really recognise and receive God’s love every day anew…
I am also impressed by Dana’s expertise, her structured und clearly understandable explanations of the subject. I always feel welcome and that „I belong“.

Ilona, 65wife and grandmother

About me

since 2013, secondary employment
Speaker und Mentor
for women and in churches

at Minoritätsgemeinde in Aarau

B.A. of Bible and Theology
at ICI Global University

2012 – 2014
Human Resource
at Zalando SE in Berlin

2009 – 2013
Mentor, speaker, Creative Arts director
at ICF-Church Berlin

Wedding in Berlin

International Leadership College
at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia

2004 – 2006
at Protestant National Church in Ossling / Großgrabe

2002 – 2003
at „Youth for Christ“ in Portage la Prairie, MB Canada

Leadership Training Centre
at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, USA

Dana Bösiger

Diploma of ministry
B.A. of Arts in Bible and Theology
Mentor of women and in leadership

My passion is to unveil Jesus, to be loved by Him and simply love Him back the way I am. I would like to offer companionship and advice to women who are looking for change and healing in their lives. My basis for this is the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ.

But sometimes we just do not know how, do we? It wasn’t until I met a very perceptive woman who became my companion that things within me started to heal and my life started to change.
In our conversations I understood how important – how essential – my identity is, how it effects the way I am acting and interacting with others. My identity influences the way I make decisions in everyday life.

My heart slowly began to see how much Jesus wants to love me and accepts me. I am important to Him and He desires to shape and fill my female identity. I started to trust that I am enough. I am not without mistakes and I do not have to be. I now know:
I am loved and lovable. I have limits I need to be mindful of. I am allowed to set healthy boundaries – also in church and in my relationships as a Christian woman.
Living my life close to Jesus gives hope and enables for change to take place.

I am grateful for my dear mentor, this tender & yet strong woman of God. With the help of relevant questions and a few hours over the phone or via Skype she helped to set my feet on a path that would lead me to restoration within my identity as a beloved woman. Her love and her acceptance became an anchor in my life ever since we first met in that little foyer.

I would like to share what I have learned with women who would like to re-discover what it means to be a woman (with His guidance and love).
Loved and beautiful as you are – yet sometimes finding it hard to believe.

I am looking forward to meeting you



Dana Bösiger
Obermattweg 18b
5033 Buchs

Phone +41 (0) 77 404 17 66

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Please note: offers are no psychotherapy or medical treatment.

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I look forward to your message.